Natura Twin Aloe Comforter by Natura World
Our Price: $228.00
Item #: NT-TD93134
Manufacturer: Natura
Mfg ID: TD93134

The Aloe Comforter delivers a luxurious dose of pampering with all-natural ingredients. As the aloe enriched cotton cover releases its gentle stream of healthy nutrients to nourish and soothe your skin, the luscious NaturaWool™ fill maintains a cozy sleep environment. Wool wicks away moisture so bedding remains fresh, allergen free and just the right temperature. Silky soft to the touch, and oh, so healthy, this comforter invites the fresh morning glow of healthy rest.
Components: 3.65lbs (1.65kg) NaturaWool fillAloe enriched cotton blend topUnbleached, 100% Cotton Percale Bottom Features: Nourish your skin with soothing aloe nutrientsProvide luxurious comfort for deeper, more restful sleepMaintain temperature control comfortRepel common allergens for sniffle free nights

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Healthy sleep is vital to a healthy life, and we believe using natural materials is the best solution for ourselves and our planet. By using sustainable, earth-friendly m