Natura Twin Washable Wool Comforter by Natura World
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Item #: NT-TD93175
Manufacturer: Natura
Mfg ID: TD93175

sku# NT-TD93175
The Washable Wool Comforter by Natura World ensures a wholesome sleep environment while keeping you deliciously cozy. Your bedding stays dry and warm without overheating, courtesy the plush helping of Natura Smart Wash Wool. Wool also halts the spread of dust-mites, bacteria and other allergens to banish night-time coughs and sniffles and invite deeper, healthier rest. Worry free laundering with a quick toss in the washing machine and dryer keeps this comforter pristine and germ free. A delectably soft, 100% cotton sateen cover lulls you to sweeter, healthier dreams.
Components: 10oz./yd Smart Eash Wool fillWhite, 100% Cotton Sateen Cover Features: Provide the luxurious comfort of cotton sateenRepel common allergens for sniffle free nightsMaintain temperature control for fresh & cozy sleep environmentKeep it fresh with washable wool Due to individual monitor settings, actual color may vary

Healthy sleep is vital to a healthy life, and we believe using natural materials is the best solution for ourselves and our planet. By using sustainable, earth-friendly manufacturing practices and materials, Natura is truly where nature meets nurture. It's not a trend - it's a way of life.
Natura's Mission is to help our customers achieve a superior night's sleep, alleviate pain, and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well-being. With our commitment to excellence in service, quality, and attention to detail, we will serve our customer with the greatest care, with the intention of helping them sleep better and live better.

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