Natura Organic Eco Haven Twin Mattress Topper by Natura World
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Item #: NT-TL99158
Manufacturer: Natura
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sku# NT-TL99158
The Organic Eco-Haven Mattress Topper by Natura World invites deep, restorative sleep with our roster of certified organic ingredients. An extravagant helping of Natura Grow Wool gently buffers pressure points to reduce tossing and turning and eliminate night waking. Wool's moisture-wicking advantage keeps bedding dry, temperature controlled and allergen free. When paired with the cushioning comfort and hypoallergenic advantage of all-natural Talalay you've ensured a deliciously comfortable, healthily pristine place to rest. The soft, certified 100% organic cotton cover is just one more luxurious indulgence you'll savor.
Components: Free of chemicals, pesticides and dyes36 oz./yd Organic Natura Grow Fill2" All-Natural Talalay Latex insertsEuropean, 100% Organic Cotton Features: Ensure off-gassing and toxin free sleep environmentProvide an ultra-cozy sleep surface for all-night comfortRegulate temperature and wick away moisture to keep bed fresh and drySoothe night-time restlessness and tossing & turningProvide cushioning, whole body support

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Healthy sleep is vital to a healthy life, and we believe using natural materials is the best solution for ourselves and our planet. By using sustainable, earth-friendly manufacturing practices and materials, Natura is truly where nature meets nurture. It's not a trend - it's a way of life.
Natura's Mission is to help our customers achieve a superior night's sleep, alleviate pain, and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well-being. With our commitment to excellence in service, quality, and attention to detail, we will serve our customer with the greatest care, with the intention of helping them sleep better and live better.

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